Moving to Spain involves many “administrative” tasks that require knowledge of the Spanish language and local circumstances.

Even during vacations, you might need something that require knowledge of the Spanish language.

We offer translation services, assistance in resolving any administrative issues and / or support during property inspections, at meetings and with shopping.

Even if you need to resolve some issue over the phone and have problems with connumication on Spanish, contact us. Call us, describe your question and we will do all for you.

List of services in Alicante

Buying and renting property in Alicante

Accompaniment on viewing apartments.

Visit to real estate agencies.

Assistance in preparing documents for the purchase / sale of real estate.

We do not receive commissions from agencies, so we will not impose “our own, proven”, although we can recommend.

Help with our property

Contract water and electricity
Choosing an Internet provider and concluding a service contract
Real estate insurance
Energy efficiency certification (Certificacion energetica de edificios, CEE)
Obtaining a certificate of technical compliance of housing (–°edula de habitabilidad)
Payment of tax (IBI)
Any other questions.

Study in Alicante

Select a school in Alicante, Benidorm or Torrevieja.
Help in placing children in school / children’s camp in Alicante
Communication with the school principal and the child’s teachers in Alicante
Choose the apropriate language courses.
Registration for training at a language school.
Study at the university in Alicante and Elche, choice of specialty and assistance in preparing documents.

Services for business in Alicante

Organization of business meetings
Assistance in opening and registering a company
Assistance in selecting a company for enterprise reporting

Electronic registration on administrative websites

Electronic appointment with the Extranjeria Migration Service

Electronic appointment for a NIE

Electronic appointment for the collection of fingerprints and receipt of the resident card (Tarjeta de residencia)

Obtaining an electronic digital signature (Cl @ ve)

Electronic registration for registration of registration / obtaining a certificate of registration (Empadronamiento).

Escort services

Open or close bank account.

Buying/renting a car.

Arming / removing a car from state registration.

Passing technical inspection.

Selection and purchase of glasses.

Medical Center Visits.

Help with shopping.

As practice shows, the list of questions faced by those who come to Spain is very diverse. If you need help with any other issue, call or email us. We will try to help you.

Our company cooperates with a number of real estate agencies, lawyers and consulting offices in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia.