Alicante walking tour

A walking tour of Alicante will allow you to get to know the city in an easy and unobtrusive manner, to feel it.

What we see

We start our walk at the famous boulevard of the city – Esplanade. Paved with three-color wave-shaped marble tiles, a wide alley with four rows of palms and numerous flowers. Esplanade is a favorite walking place for both locals and tourists

During a tour of Alicante, we will visit all main attractions, get acquainted with the history and legends of the city and climb up to the Santa Barbara Castle. The castle rises above the bay at a height of 166 meters. It offers stunning views of the city, port and surrounding mountains.

From the castle we walk down to the oldest and most picturesque quarter of the city – Bario Santa Cruz. Residents of the district are very fond of their area, here every house is decorated with flowers, and to some streets and squares are even dedicated the poetry. Walking along the narrow winding streets of this area, you get the feeling that you are in the past, because there are not even cars here.

Then we will walk through the center of Alicante and see the Church of Santa Maria, the building of the City Hall, go to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. If the tour takes place in the morning, we can go to the City Hall.

It’s open on weekdays until 13:00.

Also we doesn’t ignore the culinary component. In the central market, surrounded by aromas and flavors, I will introduce local cuisine, typical Spanish delicacies and the famous Alicante wine Fondillon. You can taste this “expensive” wine and local sweet – Turron.

On the way back, we will visit  romantic corners of the center, where, in the shade of age-old ficuses, you can hide from the heat, relaxing on the terrace with a glass of wine or ice cream.