Photo session Alicante

Photo Session in Alicante is the best way to remember your holidays. Qualified photographer select the best place to do it.

Now when you have got sunburned under the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun, you start to grow enjoying yourself much more. It is high time to memorialize the moment! You should not miss the opportunity to bring home not only your impressions of a majestic holiday but perfect photos as well.

We will deliberately select a background against which your smile, eyes and hair will acquire a special shine, as in a painting. It may be the waters of the Mediterranean Sea glittering in the sunshine, the canopy of the century-old ficus trees in the Canalejas Park,  the magnificent walls of the Santa Barbara Fortress or just a flourishing flower bed on the Esplanade embankment.

In the photos, the qualified photographer is capable of capturing any turn of the head, the curls flowing in the wind, or a relaxed pose of a free person so much happy in the heavenly embrace of Costa Blanca.

We shall have the style of the photo session agreed with you in advance; proceeding from  your will, we will render our recommendations concerning the time schedule and location of the future photo session.

The photos will be prepared in 7 to 10 days.

You will be provided will the reference data about the disk from where you will be able to download your photos.

As a result of the session, you will get 50 or 60 processed photos (if you were alone or with a friend). In the event you were more than two, the number of photos will correspondingly increase (+20 photos per session for each additional participant).

Time1,5 hours