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Alicante wine

The gastronomy and wines of the region you are visiting represent an important constituent of your holiday-making.  

Alicante’s gastronomy is unique and diverse – it includes delicious rice dishes, sea products, various fish – fresh, salted and dried, cheeses and sweets traditional for the region. It would be uncomplicated and even unforgivable to come to the Costa Blanca coast for holiday and not to taste local culinary masterpieces or not to enjoy local wines. 

Alicante’s wines, though not so famous as the wines of the other regions of Spain – La Rioja or Rueda – are yet worthy of being presented. 

The sun of the Mediterranean and the gentle sea breeze are just these unique factors to which the local grapes owe their specific flavour and surprising freshness.  

Having visited Bocopa – a winemaking cooperative involving more than 600 winemakers in the province, you will have got familiar with local wines and learned the history of the region’s winemaking what will surely make you an expert in the local wine varieties. 

You may taste dry red wine Laudum, dry white wine Marina Alta produced from a special variety of the Muscat of Alexandria grape, and sparkling wine Marina Espumantethe top wine from this region with respect to number of awards wonFor wine tasting, a little snack – cheese and typical spanish jamon – is served.  

Here you are offered an opportunity to taste Fondilliona legendary local wine recognized as the favorite of the Count of Monte Cristo and Louis XIV. 

In the winery, you may purchase any wine you liked without surcharge. The wines described above are on sale not only at the winery but also at big supermarkets, bars and restaurants throughout the province. 

A visit to the winery will greatly contribute to improving your skills of navigation in the wine map of the region.  

Tour details

Excursions to the winery are conducted on Mondays through Fridays. Visits start at 11.30    

For Saturday visits, prior appointment is required. 

Tour duration – 3 hours.

Minimum group size – 2 persons.

Additional fees – ticket to bodega, starts from 6€.

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