Salinas La Mata and Torrevieja

Salinas La Mata

Salinas La Mata and Torrevieja are the two salt-water lakes, pink and green, situated between the two health resorts Torrevieja and La Mata. Originally a salt-producing village, Torrevieja today is a town to come to improve your health. Bathing in Torrevieja salty waters has an exceptional effect on your skin and can prevent lung diseases.

The colour of the Pink Lake depends upon the season and a number of other factors and is at its brightest on summer evenings.

Flamenco Salinas La Mat

The Green Lake is famous for its birds. The main attraction are the gracious flamingos, but altogether there are about 100 different types. During the breeding season up to 2,000 birds can be seen on the lake. Walking or cycling along the well-established paths of the Green Lake Park you will come across the special cabins for watching the birds. So coming here do not forget your binoculars.  Along with Salina Santa Pola and Ondo these parks are the birdwatchers’

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